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We are Bisy – Biology for Synthesis

Biotechnology company based in Styria, Austria

Facilitating industrial production by optimizing individualized expression strategies for all kinds of proteins is our business.

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We facilitate the life of biotechnologists by optimized expression strategies for every protein– that’s its purpose. Bisy offers customized solutions for Pichia pastoris / Komagataella phaffii protein expression and strain development.

Innovative bisy vectors and DNA parts are built on more than 20 years of experience in protein expression. We offer expression kits including vectors and strains, expression and feasibility studies as well as licensing of new expression technologies. Another branch is kits for biocatalysts. Cytochrome P450s or lipases for industrial production are currently under development.

Bisy owns IP for innovative expression technologies for protein co-expression and methanol independent induction. We developed additional FTO technologies for inhouse R&D, which can be used by our clients. Bisy also holds commercial license for Gibson cloning to enable the necessary throughput for innovative R&D solutions.


We are a dynamic Team

As a result of many years of experience in research and development of the team, Bisy is able to find solutions customized for clients by its flexibility not only in technical but also in legal terms by tailored licensing- and nondisclosure agreements, making bisy a more suitable partner for commercial endeavors than publicly funded research organizations.

Vector Design

Vector systems for heterologous protein expression for and Komagataella phaffii (Pichia pastoris), E. coli, S. cerevisiae and CHO cells.

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility and expression studies for systems that were developed from customers can be tested for cost coverage, reliability and if applicable compare them to our in-house systems.

Strain Development

We optimize expression strains with innovative properties for any desired target, including enzymes, structural and processing proteins and biopharmaceuticals. By the large variability of bisy vectors, strains and Pichia pastoris expression platforms as-well as generic IP for different hosts, individualized solutions can be developed for all kinds of challenges in recombinant protein expression and pathway engineering.

Expression Strategies

Expression studies bisy offers are especially interesting for pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies that want to outsource the strain development and improvement of their expression strategies due to concise time, lack of know-how or lack of a special development capacity in their company.



Our expression vectors for yeast and bacteria


Pichia pastoris and other yeast strains


Our P450 catalysts and lipases



Expertise in Biotechnology
Biotechnology requires knowledge, lab expertise and infrastructure.

The main factor is to solve not only the technical challenges customers are experiencing but to also take care of their needs in respect to timeline, cost control, legal assessment und economic efficiency. For that reason the detailed analysis of the customers’ needs is the basis for any tailored offer which usually includes a mile stone approach, securing transparency and facilitating professional project management. The initial projects usually create the basis for long term collaborations.

Bisy builds on more than 20 years of experience in expression system development with freedom to operate for industrial manufacturing and enzyme engineering for industrial biocatalysis on large scale.

Milestones and timeline

Our flexible operations take care in respect to your timeline.

Cost control

Your expenses are under strict control and costs can be regulated on your decision.

Economic efficiency

Resources are optimally allocated to serve you and your project in the best way by testing as many experimental designs as possible while keeping unsuccesful experiments at a minimum.

IP assesment

We offer our expert knowledge on Pichia IP and support your legal requirements.

Project management

Your project is under strict control and stands under direct guidances throughout its timeline.

Partnerships and Collaborations

With our excellent service based project development and dedicated researchers we drive for long term collaborations.

Service based project development

Fast and Intuitive

Professional operative team

Technicians and Scientists

Our Team

Anton Glieder

Founder, CEO


Legal & IPR
Strategic planing
Marketing & Sales

Founder of the company. Consulting and R&D for approaches in synthetic biology. Innovation management and technical support in synthetic biology, technology and evaluations.

Senior Scientist

Martina Geier

Scientific Project Manager


Jasmin Fischer

Cloning & Libraries / Secretion Strategies


Stefan Ertl

Development & Cultivation / Production Strains

Office & Management

Katrin Glieder

Accounting & HR / Office Management

Office & Management

Michaela Gerstmann

Accounting & HR / Office Management

Service & IT

David Glieder

Infrastructure Services & IT

Senior Scientist

Claudia Rinnofner

Scientific Project Manager


Katharina Ebner

Host and Production Strain Design


Clemens Farnleitner

General Lab Support


Veronika Schusterbauer

Genom, Transcriptom & NGS-Data Analysis


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Wuenschendorf 292
8200 Hofstaetten a. d. Raab

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